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    Upcoming Exhibitions

    We are pleased to bring these emerging artists to you! Please use email contact below to book a viewing time.

    No upcoming events.

    Contributing Artists

    Nicole Clark

    Nicole is a Toronto based photographer with an instinct for capturing the interesting and diverse. An observant eye and ability to embrace the emotion of the moment in an image stands out.

    Aaron Colwell

    Aaron is an intrepid world traveler and curator. He proudly presents his recent Heimili series featuring a keen sense of Icelandic time, culture and unique homes.

    Dzesika Devic

    Dzesika's internationally recognized work blends a deeply human yet surreal beauty in every photo. Based in Toronto, her evocative images are global.

    Jaëlle Dionne

    Jaëlle contributes her touching photography which captures fleeting precious human moments with tenderness and stunning clarity of vision. Jaëlle calls Saguenay home.

    Leslie Dowd

    Leslie is joining Art à Toi from Toronto. Her experiences in world living and travel have shaped her gift in street photography. A striking series of Mexican images will be displayed.

    Shane Elwood

    A creative Montrealer, Shane brings a clever mix of surrealism and realism to Art à Toi. His imaginative illustrations and paintings will both inspire and impress.

    Ashley MacPhee

    Ashley is a renowned Montreal based photographer. Her beautiful images portray love and life in all cultures. She shares with Art à Toi a dramatic collection of this vision.

    Maureen McKay

    Maureen paints from her heart as is evident by the warmth and beauty in her textures and engaging subjects. Art à Toi is her second collective exhibition after several solo showings. 

    Liana Neudeck

    Liana is again based in Montreal after years of global living. She creates minimalist portraits which both define and invite us to see beauty in a form.

    Derek Stewart

    Derek has emerged as a master geographic photographer with a skill for distinct and artful detailing. Art à Toi welcomes his new series of subject and perspective.

    Cathy Sylvestre

    Cathy is a gifted artisan in both clay and textile mediums. Her elegant pottery and sculptural contributions for Art à Toi present the care she takes in fine detail.

    Jacquelyn Weaver

    Jacquelyn is a trained New York artist who has recently moved to Toronto. From works in charcoal and painting to fine jewelry her work is as diverse as it is appealing.

    A Note From the Curator

    Request a viewing time

    On behalf of the entire creative team I warmly welcome you to Art à Toi.

    Each of our dedicated artists look forward to spending some time with you and we thank you for supporting our creative efforts. 

    We wish to host all interested in coming but unfortunately space is limited. 

    Please email your request for availability with the number of guests to secure your preferred viewing time. You will receive an email confirmation.

    Please note tickets are 10$ (credit/debit or cash) per guest payable at the door. We thank you for supporting these artists.


    Aaron Colwell

    art à toi